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  • Digital Trends Originals

    Some stories can’t be told through a single article, video, or podcast. That’s why Digital Trends regularly produces original series. There are just certain topics that?need to be explored in a longer, more in-depth format. Below, we’ve compiled a collection of series covering everything from climate change to the evolution of language — and much, much more. If you’re looking to binge on great stories, then you’ve come to the right place.
    More Original Series

    What Comes Next: How tech is helping society reopen after coronavirus

    How does society get back to normal after hitting the pause button? What will the new normal even look like. As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease, restaurants, stores, gyms, offices, public transportation, and schools will all reopen, with the help of new groundbreaking technologies.
    what comes next episode 3 business owner reopening a restaurant while wearing facemask

    Homework: Relearning learning amid a global pandemic

    To get an inside look at how COVID-19 is radically changing education, Digital Trends is following students and teachers as they adapt to our new normal
    homework learning from home

    Bold Ideas

    We take you on a tour of some of the most potentially groundbreaking concepts in the world of tech.
    rocketlab 3d printed rockets rocketlab2

    The Deets (YouTube)

    A show where we demystify the technologies that are shaping the future.
    The Deets