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  • Coronavirus: How COVID-19 is changing the way we live

    The novel coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, quickly spread throughout the world and has changed our daily lives and the way we interact. As cities shut down and people engage in social distancing, our tech has become essential to connect with others at a time of isolation. The impact will be long-lasting: Several nations have begun work on a vaccine, but it will take months before one can be distributed widely. Here’s the latest news about how the coronavirus is transforming the way we live.

    Social Distancing: Education & Kids | Working from Home | Socializing | The Search for a Cure | Entertainment

    Google Maps’ latest features aim to ease holiday season stress

    Google is adding new pandemic-related data to Maps aimed at getting you safely through the busy holiday season and beyond.
    google maps new features aim to ease holiday season stress covid layer

    Coronavirus vaccine researchers are being targeted by cyberattacks

    Pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers working on a coronavirus vaccine have been the target of hacking attacks, a new report from Microsoft says.
    Cambridge Biotech Moderna Leads in Race For Coronavirus Vaccine

    We could soon be coughing into our phones to see if we have COVID-19

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an algorithm that can tell if you have COVID simply by analyzing the sound of your cough.
    google search can now teach you how to pronounce tricky words speaker phone

    How about privately renting an AMC theater for just $99?

    With the pandemic battering the movie industry, theater giant AMC is trying to claw back lost revenue by opening some of its cinemas for private rental.
    Samsung World First Cinema LED Display Super S Theater

    Fauci says things might not go back to normal until the end of 2021

    Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that even with the development of a vaccine, it may take more than a year before the world returns to where it was prior to COVID-19.
    medical employee holding mask stylized image

    With coronavirus on campus, college freshmen face a disorienting orientation

    Addison Cross is a college freshman at Texas A&M who's learning the ropes as she navigates her first year at school.
    high school senior part 2 college freshman students wearing face masks

    Home Depot has canceled Black Friday

    Home improvement chain Home Depot announced Wednesday it was doing away with Black Friday deals this year.
    Home Depot consumer

    FDA gives special authorization to speedy COVID-19 test

    The COVID-19 test costs only $5 and takes just 15 minutes to produce a result
    fda gives special authorization to speedy covid 19 test abbott laboratories binaxnow

    Apple preps more store reopenings ahead of new iPhone launch

    Stores have been closing and reopening in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
    Apple store Japan

    Where to buy masks online and get them delivered within days

    Here's where to buy masks online, and retailers that have an approved N95 alternative in stock.
    man checking phone with mask on