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  • Samsung

    Samsung is a towering colossus in the consumer electronics industry, producing some of the best phones, tablets, and TVs around, many falling under the Galaxy brand name. Bookmark this page to keep current on nearly everything that comes out of the South Korean giant, with detailed reviews and insightful commentary on the company’s latest moves.

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    Samsung Jetbot Mop review: Do-si-doing the mopping routine

    Dedicated mopping robot has an interesting design, and doubles as a handheld cleaner for walls and tiles
    Samsung Jetbot Mop on floor

    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: The phone to beat for under $700

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE packs all the important features of the standard S20 in a more affordable box.
    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G review: The conqueror

    If you want a phone that does everything, and to last for many years, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is for you.
    samsung galaxy note 20 ultra review camera pen top

    Galaxy Tab S7 Plus review: The perfect excuse to watch more video

    Its awesome AMOLED screen makes the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus a win.
    samsung galaxy tab s7 plus review
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