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    The best office chairs for 2020

    Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can wreak havoc on your body, but today’s labor in the age of computers often demands just that. Opting for the proper office chair, one designed to cradle you as you work from your home office and provide you with ample comfort and good posture, is a practical and well-advised solution.

    The best office chairs go beyond what you’d expect. Many offer resounding ergonomic benefits, breathable mesh backing, and excellent lumbar support, while simultaneously granting you a swath of customization options spanning everything from colors to contours. None of them are going to be a cure-all for your workday woes, but customized suspension and the appropriate aesthetics go far in the long run. We’ve rounded up the best office chairs that will have you feeling supported during the workday.

    Herman Miller Embody

    Herman Miller Embody
    Herman Miller

    So, what is it about the Embody we so revere? It’s a fair question, sure, especially considering the Embody’s lofty price tag. Well, for starters, the chair offers a dynamic matrix of “pixels” that allow the seat and back to automatically conform to your body’s every movement, while the chair’s central spine and flexible ribs work to maintain proper posture, regardless if you’re leaning forward or reclining toward your home office desk.

    The movement capabilities help promote better blood and oxygen flow, and if that wasn’t enough, the advanced tilt mechanism helps combat unwanted hip, neck, and lumbar strain. The Herman Miller Embody?even sizes to fit your body perfectly, comes in a range of colors, and features a skin-like covering for increased airflow.

    Steelcase Gesture

    Steelcase Gesture

    The Steelcase Gesture remains one of the sleeker office chairs on the market.?A deep, flexible contour in the back of the chair supports the natural shape of the spine and helps minimize tension in the lower back. The arms also pivot to host a range of body types and better?ergonomic positioning while typing.

    A semi-matte finish along the back and a polished-metal wheelbase complement the chair’s modern design. Steelcase tested the Gesture for a maximum of 400 pounds, too, which means the chair is sturdy and well-made.

    Steelcase Leap

    Steelcase Leap

    The Steelcase Leap has long stood as the company’s flagship — and for good reason. It’s one of the more popular office chairs in existence, one which owes much of its merit to years of painstaking research and subsequent development.

    The result is a chair that caters to the individual and remains reliant on the company’s LiveBack system, which lets you conveniently and independently adjust the seat and back of the chair for enhanced support. The Steelcase Leap‘s back mimics the natural shape of your spine throughout the day, helping to encourage better posture, while the chair’s innovative glide system allows you to recline without having to orient yourself away from your workload.

    Furmax Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

    Furmax Ergonomic

    Trying to keep things cost-effective? Furmax’s lineup of roll-about mesh chairs is BIFMA-certified, which means you’re getting furniture designed with your body and comfort in mind. The Furmax Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair?rolls around on an adjustable five-wheeled caster system, making it easy to traverse around many work environments. Also, let’s not forget the cushioning for the part of our body that relies on a chair most. This choice provides premium comfort, easy mobility, an array of color options, and a price tag in the double digits.

    Modway Edge Drafting Chair

    Modway Drift

    Here’s one for all you architects, CAD engineers, guitar players, and other workers and hobbyists that require true height from their seats. Modway’s classy Drafting Chair features all-mesh padding, firm but cozy lumbar support, a full 360-degree swivel, and a 20.5- to 29-inch adjustable height range. The arms can also be flipped up if your arms tend to feel confined by their respective rests after a while.

    Ikea Markus

    Ikea Markus

    Ikea is the undisputed king of low-cost solutions that don’t look half-bad in your workspace. The Markus swivel chair is a perfect example of the company’s penchant for simple and practical design, with a breathable mesh backing and built-in lumbar support intended for extra ergonomic comfort. It’s available in different colors to fit your office decor and features levers for adjusting the height and tilt of the chair to your liking.

    ItalModern Bungie High Back Office Chair

    ItalModern Bungie High Back

    If you’re looking for something more affordable than many of the options on our list, we have a budget-friendly recommendation. The ItalModern Bungie offers a unique take on the traditional office chair. It features bungee cords strapped across the chair’s steel frame, which grant the user a little more give.

    While the ItalModern Bungie may not have the luxury look of a leather chair, it also doesn’t have the price tag. The bungee cords provide support and flexibility (and a cool design). The flexible materials might appeal to those who find sitting in a stiff chair all day uncomfortable. However, it may leave you with indented lines on your legs if you’re wearing shorts, so keep that in mind.

    Office Star Air Grid

    Office Star Air Grid

    Not everyone wants to shell out the entirety of their paycheck on a quality office chair, and thankfully the Air Grid proves you don’t have to. The breathable mesh backing provides plenty of circulation to keep sweat to a minimum. A two-in-one tilt function allows you to adjust the back and seat angle for optimal comfort.

    The built-in lumbar support and height-adjustable arms also upgrade the comfort level. A heavy-duty nylon base provides increased strength and durability, whether you’re sitting or rolling. We’ll hazard a guess you’d prefer to stay seated with the Air Grid, though.

    Even if you invest in a high-quality office chair, ergonomics might still be an issue. Not all humans have the same size and build, and while many chairs are adjustable, it is important to take time to find one that fits you.

    The average office worker spends 10 hours per day seated in front of a computer screen or at least 50 hours per week. Health risks from a sedentary lifestyle aside, spending so much time sitting in a chair can really impact your musculoskeletal system. A well-designed office chair can’t work miracles, but it can ease some of the posture-related pain office workers tend to feel.?

    While “ergonomics” seems like an obnoxious buzzword, a comfortable chair is necessary when you have desk work to do. When you’re working at your laptop or desktop computer, the right lumbar support and height adjustment options are crucial. Choose the right chair, and you might even enjoy your work a little more.

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